Strathcona Cup 100

January 7-31, 2009

Canadian men curlers tour Scotland

canada Celebrating over 100 years of friendly men's curling competition! scotland




Sir Donald Alexander Smith

1st Baron Strathcona

and Mount Royal (1820-1914)









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Canadians on the 1909 Tour!

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Scottish Tour of Canada in 2003

Canadian Tour of Scotland in 1998

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(There are more photos in the private area)



We have been written up!

Here are some newspaper articles about the 41 Canucks in Scotland:

From the Brampton Guardian newspaper

From the Peebleshire News

From the RCCC web site

From the January 31, 2009 Dumfries and Galloway Standard

From The National Post

From the Jan 23, 2009 Perthshire Advertiser: Blair House

From the January 22, 2009 Northern Times

Forfar photo photo of January 24, 2009

Press release, Lothian

Inverness Press and Journal of Jan. 17, 2009

f From the January 9 Saanich newspaper

Perthshire Advertiser of Jan. 9, 2009

Perthshire Advertiser of Jan. 13, 2009

Canadian Curling Press Release

CN internal newsletter


Also in the news:

Recent Scotland to Canada curling tour


Download this detailed itinerary and follow the tour! (There have been a few modifications, though)

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